Body Erotic Massage

The body erotic massage is focused on hot spots that produce you high intense pleasure.

The body erotic massage – how it’s done

The body erotic massage focuses on sensual movement with various massage techniques, making sure you can relax completely and removes physical stress and tension. It includes one or two nude masseuses, a mixture of pure natural oil and an intimate atmosphere. The massage begins by massaging the foot, Achilles tendon, calf, thighs, sacral bone, back, cervical region, arms, hands, fingers, chest, abdomen.
Sensitive areas and erogenous zones touch in the body erotic massage are back of the knees, the side of the body, the chest, the arms, the throat, the lobe of the ear.

This massage means a real art and an unprecedented experience of intimacy and sensuality. The masseus will make the body erotic massage, a ritual of sensuality and awakening of the senses
A massage session last 60 minutes and has two showers included.

Benefits of the body erotic massage

During this body erotic massage you will experience
– our whole being relaxes physically, mentally and emotionally
– eliminating stress, depression and anxiety
– improving skin tone, blood flow is stimulated skin hydration
– releases endorphins, which act as a dressing for pain in the body
– helps relieve headaches
– tired muscles or inflamed, relax and decay with massage
– helps relieve certain hormones that calm the mind, thinks and help the disappearance of depression
– enhancing privacy and love.

Types of body erotic massage

1. Body erotic massage with one masseuse
Enjoying a massage in the privacy of a young masseuse, selected fragrances and a dream atmosphere. It lurks intensely any touch and benefits from suave and gentle caresses all over the body. Give yourself a moment of relaxation and enjoyment. Your whole body will be touched with masseuse hands, legs, breasts and hair to live in sublime states.

2. Double massage with two masseuses
Is an opportunity to experience a range of sensations that is on another level because our beautiful masseuses act simultaneously in sensitive areas. The brain produces a maximum dose of endorphins making body erotic massage recommended for men suffering from sexual dysfunction. It is also for womens who want to reveal and unblock their sexuality and to discover their hidden desires.

3. Couple massage
The body erotic massage for couples is one of the best experiences we can offer to partners who want to try an intense experience in the same room as their partner. Sharing an erotic massage with your partner is a chance to relax, experience and improve your relationship and level of intimacy. Overcoming all sorts of frustrations, misunderstandings, lack and fear of communicating, jealousy and quarrels.

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