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The Lucky Love Club offers unlimited access to the massage salon in our location, which is open both day and night. The specialty of the house is TAO body massage, a real art of gentle caresses on your nude body. During such a massage, you will discover, by means of majestic touches, that your whole body, not just erogen zones are source of erotic pleasure.

Massage – benefits

The benefits of massage are:
• Relaxes the muscles
• Stimulates circulation
• Eliminates stress and fatigue
• Attenuates muscle contractions
• Maintains skin elasticity
• Keep the mobility of the joints
• Eliminate insomnia
• Normalizes brain activity
• Stimulates the immune system
• Improves the appearance of the skin
• Improves posture
• Combats the symptoms of depression and anxiety
• Helps you sleep better
• Improves migraines
• Stimulates memory, focus and attention
• Helps recovery

Types of massage

Nude erotic massage

        It offers besides the advantages of relaxing massage and an intimate and sensual experience. With gentle touches of breasts, thighs, lips, legs and masseuse hair you will enjoy intense experiences. All you have to do is stay relaxed and let the girl / girls deal with the rest. You will be welcomed by an intimate and friendly atmosphere with young and sensual girls. Will be presented to you the massage room as well as what is provided by the house.

       The time of this massage is 60 minutes and includes showers. After you leave your first shower, you will be invited by the beautiful masseuse to the massage room. The girl has created from this room a special place for you to feel relaxed in a warm atmosphere. A relaxing music will be played back in the background and the smell of the room is great. You are asked to sit on the prepared bed and then start the massage.

       The erogenous and sensitive areas massaged during this massage are: the lobe of the ear, neck, chest, arms, abdomen, side of the body, thighs, knee area, legs. Keep in mind that intimate areas are not touched.

Nude erotic massage (two girls)

       Here the atmosphere becomes more heated and includes everything that is described in the nude erotic massage with a single masseuse. The pleasure will be at least double because you will enjoy two sensual masseuses at the same time. Your body will be delighted with sober touches and even kisses. You will benefit from an intense, deep, relaxing and seductive massage.

       This time you will be invited by the two beautiful masseuses in the specially prepared massage room for you. The intimate atmosphere, smells and music from the background will accentuate your experiences.

Sensual Massage

       It is a delightful and relaxing massage in the presence of a beautiful woman. Includes intimate touch made to stimulate and maintain in a state of excitement, relaxation and desirable to continue touching.
       The purpose of this sensual massage is to achieve and maintain the highest level of excitement as much as possible. Also by touching at different intensities throughout the body helps us to gain good control over the creative potential.

       Easy touches and caresses give you pleasure and make you feel relaxed. The erogenous zones massaged in this sensual massage are the lob of the ear, neck, chest, arms, abdomen, side of the body, thighs, knee area, legs. Keep in mind that intimate areas are not touched.

Couples Massage

       In addition to relaxing at the end, this massage also has the quality of bringing the two of them together. It is done in an intimate setting and a warm and friendly atmosphere. The couple is a massage on two separate beds next to each other with the chance to relax together. You can enjoy the benefits of relaxing massage at the same time and after a massage, you can have a hot drink.
When both partners are in a common activity, a special emotional connection appears and they get to know each other better.
The time of this massage is 60 minutes and includes showers.

Couples Massage (2 ladies)

       It is made with two masseuses for each person in an intimate setting and a warm and friendly atmosphere. You will be both spoiled with a relaxation massage from head to toes by the four masseuses which are using the nourishing oils. You will have a lot of relaxation, sensuality and spiritual closeness between the two of you.
       The time of this massage is 60 minutes and includes showers. After the massage, you can have a hot drink or whatever you want and is available at the bar.

Relaxation massage

       The purpose of this massage is the release of endorphins and serotonin, with a strong psychological impact. It comes to your aid to prevent, relieve or even cure many cervical, dorsal or lumbar pains. Among the benefits of relaxation massage: calms headaches, improves venous and lymph circulation, forces toxin removal, improves sleep quality.
Just like other massages, it lasts 60 minutes and is done in a pleasant, warm and friendly atmosphere.

Tao Massage

       It’s not just a massage. It is a very special way to live pleasure in multiple ways and can create for some addiction. It’s an experience you’ll want to repeat again and again. This massage is for those who want to experience a traditional Chinese massage. Taoist erotic massage uses fine moves, acupuncture techniques, tender touches and love. Movements and touches are designed to unlock energy channels, spreading sexual energy throughout the body, generating pleasure waves. The main purpose of this massage is to transform sexual energy into spiritual energy and the closeness to your essence.

We invite you to the club to enjoy a relaxing massage, erotic massage or exclusive TAO massage for special guests.

Call us to find out more details and make a programming!

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