Whether you’re planning a big night or an even bigger weekender for the lucky lad or the lucky lady we hold special bachelor parties for your enjoyment. There are various areas within our club. The main club houses the bar and the pole where the girls are gathered. The VIP area includes the VIP Suite. Use it to impress your friends and clients. They are exclusive in their decor and assure utmost discretion. Lucky Love is the perfect venue for hosting corporate and private parties, especially Bachelor parties for her and for him!!!

While the bachelor parties do tend to explore the naughtier side of our nature, you can still have an incredible time without getting the bride mad or the groom. Lucky love is the perfect place for this kind of activities. For ladies we offer you a beautifull dance in company of your friends, can have a relaxing massage or a good time together. For future grooms we have a variety of dances, intimate rooms, massage rooms and a bar with selected beverages. You can enjoy all of this with your group of friends. We are waiting for you to visit our club to convince you and to book bachelor parties.

Bachelor Parties



For our guests we have striptease, pole dancing and fully nude incendiary erotic shows with two or more dancers all thrown into a naughty mix. You can have this shows in a private room or in our main area. The clubs bar is at your disposal. Come and enjoy an ardent atmosphere in the company of our young sensual girls. You will not forget this experience. See our intimate ladies shows every night.

Intim ladies show




The house speciality is couples massage, a special afrodisiac for extra sensuality and intimacy in your relationship. We are available for reservations whenever you want to come with oyur significant other.
We offer the opportunity to surprise your partner by entering together in a meeting of erotic massage. Take part of an experience that will help you to know each other better from the point of view of erotic desires. Our girls will bring a state of erotic felling , making the massage to be a point of tension release, being more than just a massage for both of you. Experience the feeling of pleasure by tender and sensual touches by the masseuse body. The energy points of the body are stimulated during this process and the connection between the heart and the sexual center. Erotic massage for couples is a tango of energy, communication without words, an hour spent in a pleasant environment.

Couple massage